Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it Superwoman Syndrome?


Does any of this sound familiar?

- you often feel run down and exhausted?

- you are frequently stressed and overwhelmed?

- every time you tick off one thing on your to do list, there’s another five to add?

- you get grumpy, tired and irritable and sometimes the only solution is to seek comfort in food?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these things, you could have Superwomen Syndrome. So what is it exactly?

Watch the video below to find out.

Superwoman Syndrome is leaping tall buildings while juggling your career, business, family, children, friends as well as your health, fitness and weight control. Yes, it’s trying to fit everything into one single day only to end up tired, stressed out and heading for the refrigerator for support.

We all have busy lives these days and with the help of technology we can be running from dawn to dust, and feel like we haven’t got anywhere.

What this does is sets you up to never feeling truly satisfied, in control or in charge because there is always something else you could be doing.

The other problem is your weight loss motivation will actually start to wane because you probably don’t have time to acknowledge what you have achieved each day. So it won’t take long before you give up on your weight and health goals because it’s all too hard and “you don’t feel motivated”.

Your motivation needs to be ‘fed and watered’ regularly, and one of the ways you do that is to acknowledge what you have achieved each and every day. This way your mindset and motivation will get that little pat on the back it required to return tomorrow and do it all again. Acknowledging even the little things is enough to reboot your motivation and mindset, so remember you don’t have to climb Mount Everest to get the acknowledgement you need to be motivated.

The other way to reduce Superwomen Syndrome is to ask for help… from either a Superman or another Superwoman!

Most Superwomen think they “should” be able to do everything, yet this type of thinking will not support you or your weight loss efforts. Independence is so overrated! What the New Superwoman of today really needs is to be interdependent, so she can have time to play with her other super hero friends.

So, make sure you ask for help and support and that you spend at least five minutes per day acknowledging all your successes (even if they are only little ones).

Up, up and away! Tell us, how are YOU going to deal with your Superwoman Syndrome!

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10 thoughts on “Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it Superwoman Syndrome?

  1. Hi girls, I’m definitely suffering from superwoman syndrome-I have an ongoing competition with myself & feel guilty when I stop – even if its just to read this update or to spend the time watching my toddlers in the pool. I have an internal dialogue of- shouldn’t I be studying to further my career-shouldn’t I be running on my treadmill, preparing dinner, cleaning etc! I’ve decided a journal within the notes section of my iPhone- this way I may be able to reassure myself that I am doing some of EVERYTHING! What do you think?

    • Hi Jacqui
      Sounds like a great idea to keep a journal, it really works for me. I couldn’t do without it!
      If it makes you feel good to do a bit of everything, that’s a great thing to use as your guide.
      If you like to finish/complete things (this is me), then maybe focus on doing ‘less’ but getting it done would be a better guide.
      Whichever one makes you feel the best is the best thing to journal down.
      ~ Donna
      PS Glad you took time out to read this update ;-)

  2. I’ve changed my routine this year and after 10 days cant wait another few before I’m used to it because it’s a habit. The biggest win for me is that I’m now exercising in the mornings – that way I can sit around feeling like a hero all day. The sense of achievement is incredible. I can bask in it all day long. It also means I have time to actually cook decent food for dinner – instead of getting home too late and being too tired! It’s been highly entertaining listening to the little voice in my head finding excuses why I cant do it (eg it’s going to be too hot today) but it feels like an even bigger achievement that I’m ignoring it.

    • That’s a big shift, presumably to go from lunch or evenings to mornings? LOVE that you’re excited about it becoming into a routine and that now you have even more time to look after yourself better. AND to be able to take a step back from that little voie and find it entertaining! You’re a star!!

  3. I wish I could make my husband watch this video…. We have 4 year told twins and I’ve been feeling overwhelmed for..well 4 years now I guess. I have a huge issue with prioritizing my time, I work full time and by the time I get the kids picked up from daycare and home, fed and ready for bed I’m too tired to do anything else (like exercise or look after myself).
    I’ll take into consideration your tips for planning 3 main goals for the day then journaling my successes involving thise goals at the end of the day (if I can stay awake long enough!). I love your videos gals, thanks for the encouragement :D

    • Hi Manda, gosh, I’m not surprised you have been feeling overwhelmed for that long with 4 year old twins! This is a declaration/mantra that I often use myself that you may find helpful: “I take amazing care of myself”. If you practice saying this to yourself every day, for 30 days, it’s amazing the impact it has. Thanks for watching :-) ~ Donna

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