How to Find Your Perfect Blend For Happy, Healthy Gluten Free Living


Welcome to this month’s Weight Matters Talk Show!

Each month we talk to an expert in the field of nutrition, fitness or weight loss about how to improve your health, your wellbeing and get in control of your weight. Everyone who comes on our show are people who are passionate about their topic and walk their talk.

And today we’re here with The Blender Girl, aka Tess Masters, who runs the very popular blog Healthy Blender Recipes sharing gluten free vegetarian, vegan and raw recipes. She’s also the face of Vitamix for all of their technique and recipe videos.

Now, I first came across Tess’s site, Healthy Blender Recipes, when I’d just bought a Vitamix. Owning a Vitamix was one of those ‘nice to have’ ideas until I had braces fitted about a year ago. And I realised after about 2 days that I might end up malnourished because I just couldn’t chew anything because my teeth were so painful! So I bought my Vitamix and realised that I had no idea where to start with actually using it. I did the usual google search and found Healthy Blender Recipes, and was amazed at first how well designed the site was, and then how fantastic the recipes were.

Over the course of the last year, both Donna & I have made loads of the recipes on the site and absolutely love them. Though I must admit I did have to stop myself making too many of the delicious desserts and treats that are on there…!

We’ve got to know Tess over the last year and she’s so passionate about healthy living and knows so much about living gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian that we managed to steal her away from her Vitamix so she could share her fantastic philosophy on health with you.

In this episode we cover:

  • What are the advantages of being a vegan or vegetarian?
  • How do you incorporate gluten-free living into your life?
  • What’s the benefit of blending?
  • Why do you support Vitamix as being one of the best kitchen appliances to have?
  • How do you start upgrading to a healthier, gluten free diet?
  • What do you eat in a typical day?
  • And much, much more!

This episode in now only available to listen to here.


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