How To Do Detox Differently


It’s a fresh start to the New Year, and most of us are thinking of detoxing after another Christmas Holiday season. There are lots of ways to detox your body and we will be looking at some of those over the next month or so, but this year we are going to kick-start the New Year with a different kind of detox.

Your first detox for the year is with your wardrobe and closet!

It’s a great time to give yourself a fresh start and cleaning out your wardrobe of unwanted, un-used or over-worn clothes is a fantastic way to make yourself feel in control and confident very quickly.

It’s important to review and refresh the clothes you wear as they can make you feel fabulous or frumpy… in an instant!

Watch the video on how to do detox differently

 Being a farmers daughter, I know what it’s like to have comfy clothes that you wear around the house so you didn’t get your “good” clothes dirty. The only problem with this mindset is, I end up wearing a lot of frumpy or daggy (Aussie-ism, meaning someone wearing unfashionable clothes) clothes that make me feel… very average and daggy, especially when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

Yet when I wear clothes that fit well, are the right size, colour and shape for me, I feel…

Confident, Proud and Relaxed.

So what’s the best feeling to have when you are wanting to make changes in your life?

Frumpy and daggy, or confident and relaxed?

Of course, confident and relaxed makes you feel more in charge and in control and that will directly impact on your weight loss and weight control efforts.

So this week go through your wardrobe and closet, preferably with a girlfriend who can help you get clear on what’s hot, and what’s not, in your wardrobe.

Now don’t be too worried about “I won’t have anything to wear”, because research shows that most of us only wear 25-35% of the clothes in our wardrobes anyway.

So, stop the dagging down and start with a fabulous new you for 2013.

Tell us, what are you going to clear out of your wardrobe so you feel FABULOUS? Leave a comment below. 

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7 thoughts on “How To Do Detox Differently

  1. Fabulous girls. We have just done that & were brutally honest ! It was hard to give up some of those daggy or ill fitting favourites. However although we both ditched about 1/3rd of our stuff it now actually looks like we have more clothes to wear as what we have kept r all things that make us feel great !

    • Well done Erin, it’s amazing how much you can throw away and still have so much, isn’t it? Especially when you look and feel fabulous in it!

  2. Well….that really wasn’t an easy job but it was worth the effort and I thank you. It really does make a difference. And, I have so much space in my closet now. I don’t think I have really hd a good clean out in ten years. We really do collect a lot of things we don’t need.

  3. Detoxification of our wardrobe! Excellent video Donna and Tora. You girls are professionals in front of the camera. Have you studied journalism or something similar?

    • Hi Mathew, thanks so much, we really appreciate your feedback! No, we haven’t studied journalism but we have spent a lot of time and practice trying to improve our videoing skills. We have had to get way out of our comfort zone, so pleased that you thought we are professional on camera :-)

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