Holiday Weight Gain – How To Beat The Holiday Bulge

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It’s that time of year again where Holiday Weight Gain is preparing for its annual treat of celebrations, over-indulgence and then permanent residence on your already stressed and tired body.

Soon our American friends celebrate Thanksgiving, and then for the rest of us it’s not long until the silly season really kicks in with Christmas parties, social gatherings, Christmas day, Boxing Day, and then letting it all hang out on New Years Eve!

Wow, and all of that without any holiday weight gain!

I’ve got to say that, despite being a Weight Control Expert, this time of year can be tough on all of us. You see, three years ago, before we started our business I made a huge Christmas holiday mistake and put on a whopping 9lbs/4kgs in just 7 days.  This was about 8% of my total body weight in just 7 days, so now you might start to see why I call it a mistake.

Let me explain what I did so you don’t follow in my foot steps, then I will share with you what I do now to enjoy the holidays but prevent holiday weight gain. Because you will need to be prepared for this holiday season, as statistics show that 6 out 10 people gain weight over the holidays and never take it off, even if they really, really believe that this year they will stick to their New Years resolutions!!

My mistake started out as a loud, enjoyable week with my family back in New  Zealand over the Christmas and holiday period.

It was the first time we’d all been together for quite a few years and my mum was really excited about having us all home, so wanted to make it extra special. On Christmas day, she had made each one of us our special desserts.

Now, we’re not a small family. I have Mum and Dad, 2 sisters and a brother and 4 nephews and 2 nieces, and partners and we all have our favourite desserts.

holiday weight gain

A selection of the desserts I ate on Christmas Day!

So, on Christmas day, there were about 15 special desserts for us! Added to that was our usual siblings rivalry and our love our sugar, so we tried to outdo each other on how many desserts we could eat.

I’m the eldest in the family and I didn’t want my small frame to stop me being the winner so on that one day I ate 8 or more desserts, I can’t quite remember how many I had. That’s what I call a huge treat day…

But what happens when you eat a ton of sugar and refined carbohydrates? That little Sugar Monster inside of you jumps up and down with glee and the next day you find yourself craving sugar, pastries and even bread again.

And that’s exactly what happened to me.

On Boxing day I continued with my dessert eating, which rolled into leftovers and then “well I’m leaving in a couple of days so might as well enjoy it” approach, to “I’ll be good when I get home” mindset and, Boom!, I found myself back eating how I used to as a big girl. My old mindset and behaviours had kicked back in, and on came the weight to prove it.

You see, when I was 30kg/ 70lbs overweight I practically lived on sugar and refined carbs like bread, pasta and snack food and it’s taken me a long time to understand how to stop it and tackle it and change it.

And luckily these days I know what we all need to do to stop and change behaviours so that they support you to live the life you want to live, instead of holding you back and making it a struggle.

So how do you prevent holiday weight gain? Come join us on our free webinar and find out.

We’ll tell you how to beat the holiday bulge and get ready to kick start the New Year with a New You.

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