Foodist: Darya Pino Rose talks about her new book

Foodist Darya Pino Rose

We were very excited to get to speak to Darya Pino Rose, creator of Summer Tomato and author of Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting a few days ago. She took some time out of her hectic book launch schedule so we could interview her about her new book.

Darya Pino Rose, PhD is a trained scientist, San Francisco foodist and advocate of local, seasonal foods. Her site is incredibly popular and  was named one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites of 2011.

We’ve been Summer Tomato followers since we first started our business, and believe Darya is one of the best people to listen to when it comes to anything related to healthy eating, upgrading your lifestyle and losing weight without dieting. All of this is what Darya calls your healthstyle (she hates the word diet – and we’re so glad she came up with a better word!).

Darya is as passionate and articulate when she speaks as when she writes, so we’re not going to spoil exactly what’s in the interview! But the questions we asked her are below the video.

10 Questions we asked Darya Pino Rose about Foodist

1. What inspired you to write Foodist?

2 “Real food” and “real science” sounds like a contradiction. How do you balance those two things?

3. How did you make the transition from “science geek” to “real food lover”?

4. How is it possible to love food AND lose weight?

5. What are 2-3 top healthy habits to get started on losing weight?

6. Why do you focus on weight control rather than weight loss?

7. Have you had your own weight struggles, and if so how did you overcome them?

8. You have a philosophy about food rather than a set of strict rules, is that right?

9. Who is your book written for? Who should read this book?

10. Where can people get their hands on your book?!

Here’s how you can get your hands on her book:

Amazon: Get Foodist today

Barnes & Noble: Get Foodist today

Summer Tomato: Get Foodist today

We are also giving away ONE COPY OF FOODIST!! All you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section below and tell us why you want a copy of Darya’s book. You have until Saturday 11th May to leave your comment. The lucky winner will be contacted by email and also announced right here on Sunday 12th May.


We had some wonderful comments both here and on our Facebook page. But Patti just won us over. I hope all the rest of you buy the book on Amazon!


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14 thoughts on “Foodist: Darya Pino Rose talks about her new book

  1. Hello Donna and Tora! I love the videos you make and I thank you for sharing your knowledge about how to overall be healthier, feel better, and look good! I would like a copy of Darya’s book because I am 100% lost when it comes to eating healthy. I have no real plan, and each time I go to the school it’s always different. Like Darya, before she stopped dieting, I feel miserable all the time. My whole life it’s always been about loving food, celebrating with food, and showing your love with food. I limit myself to about 1000 calories a day and I’ve been consumed with counting calories. I usually just give up because the food is not tasty, and I never feel full. Anyways, I just feel like her book would really help me and finally get a right plan/lifestyle in place! :)

    • Hey Megan! We had some wonderful comments both here and on our Facebook page. But Patti (see below) just won us over. I hope you buy the book on Amazon though! ~ Tora

  2. I really need help with lifestyle choices. I have tried a lot of “diets”. My dr. really pushed the ” no carbs” diet. Every time I try that or any diet, I feel deprived and end up “failing”. I’ll lose a few pounds then gain them plus some back. I really love to cook. I would like something I can put my hands on to help me. To have something to go back to would make it easier. I have an 18 month old and want him to eat the right way. I don’t want him to grow up remembering mommy always on a diet or struggling with her weight.

    • Congratulations Patti, you won a copy of Foodist! We have emailed you to request your address details. Enjoy the book, and do let us know what you think!

  3. I have dieted for many years, Have a lap band. Lost a lot of weight, but then put it back on. This book would be like a bible for me as I get sick of reading food labels to find out what is in the products, but get very confused.

  4. The only reason I want to win this book is because I’m always getting called because of my weight even my own brother says to be when I’m 18 I’m gonna be the size of a wale and that hurts me so what I want to do it to get control of my weight and prove to people I can loose weight

  5. I already have the book and love it so far!!! I need to get past the diet dogma as well. I am looking forward to this helping me :0)


  6. I want to win this book because I am skeptical that I can ever lose weight whilst eating yummy food….I seem to just get fatter when I enjoy food and balance eludes me! I think this book can teach me how. I also want to win because I never win anything, and I am too strapped to buy it myself….is that enough reasons? Thanks, LOL

  7. I’d love this book so I can finally stop dieting, eat food that I love and still lose weight. Sounds like heaven!

  8. I celebrate the foods and my new 1st year lifestyle. Life has become an amazing adventure after many years of not “getting it”. This book would be added to my collection because the viewpoints from yet another healthy eating individual will broaden my own understanding and like you 3 shared with us today – I too would wish to share and I do so freely and with joy. However, I am still a work in progress – but the venture is unlike anything I have done in my life and not thought for once on looking back. This video taught me even more and I thank you for that. I picked up today that it’s just not about the eating but our attitude about it. Like learning to relax, have fun and smile. Loved the smiles today – for they are healthy to us too! I am sure the book would be a real asset to my life. :-)

    • We had some wonderful comments both here and on our Facebook page. But Patti (see below) just won us over. I hope you buy the book on Amazon though! ~ Tora

  9. I would luv a copy of Darya´s book as I am a Grandma of 2 little soon to be toddlers. I baby sit alot and I really want to be able to enjoy my grand children like I enjoyed my children with running and jumping and playing with them, plus I want to be able to pass on many good eating habits to them as they grow older so they will avoid developing bad eating habits in there lives.
    yours sincerely, Suzy.

  10. Hi Donna and Tora. thank you very much for the valuable information you are offering us in weight loss. i was’nt able to see your interview with Darya due to some technical problems with my computer i guess. But i strongly want to to see her book, because for me, one of the “taken for granted” information on weight loss, is to include dieting. So to lose weight without dieting is something very exciting to me. looking forward to know this. Thanks again.

    • We had some wonderful comments both here and on our Facebook page. But Patti (see below) just won us over. I hope all the rest of you buy the book on Amazon! ~ Tora

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