Although we love writing blog posts on various topics about weight loss advice and how to get motivated to lose weight, sometimes it takes more than a few hundred words to be helpful and informative. We have put together these four eBooks (more to come) so you can enjoy all of these great titles in eBook format! Be inspired on how to get motivated to lose weight by grabbing your free copy of all of these eBooks when you sign up in the box below.

Pocket Guide to Weight Loss
How to have the confidence and freedom to easily control your weight

In this eBook, you’ll discover how to:
how to get motivated to lose weight
  • get your mindset in the right place for weight loss
  • improve your body image and self confidence
  • follow five simple ways to eat right for losing weight
  • choose the best exercise to reach your weight loss goals
  • use the 7 success factors for weight loss motivation
  • take the first steps to get started!
Help Me Get Motivated To Lose Weight
7 ‘tried and tested’ ways to find your weight loss motivation
In this eBook, you’ll discover how to:
 how to get motivated to lose weight
  • Use the Clarity Method for weight loss
  • Forget about willpower, and find your WHYPower instead!
  • Stop sabotaging yourself with negative thoughts
  • Take one simple action for easy weight loss 
  • Master a success strategy from the experts
  • Find your weight loss mojo!
Low Deprivation Diet Guide
How to eat the food you love while still losing weight
In this eBook, you’ll discover how to:
how to get motivated to lose weight
  • Understand why we are all emotional eaters
  • Use the pain and pleasure principle with food
  • Eat a low deprivation diet and still lose weight
  • Choose which treats you should eat and why
  • Easily avoid foods you can do without
  • Follow a healthy living diet for weight control
10 Barriers to Weight Loss Success
How to overcome weight loss obstacles and reach your happy, confident weight
 how to get motivated to lose weight In this eBook you’ll discover the 10 most common obstacles that get in the way of your weight loss success.Specifically, you’ll learn why you’re able to lose weight but then keeping that weight back on again. Also, for each barrier you’ll learn how to get started overcoming it so you can reach your happy, confident weight!

All of these eBooks contain high quality content and have been professionally designed – we know some eBooks are little more than a 2-page word document with lots of typos!

These eBooks are in pdf format, and can be read on your computer as well as on most mobile devices. Most of the books also contain video links to give demonstrations of some of the ideas you’ll discover in these eBooks.

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