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It’s that time of year again. Although it’s hard to believe another year has flown by we’ve already seen mince pies, Christmas chocolates and Santa hats in the supermarket. We’re also getting daily emails about Christmas gift ideas, and special pre-Christmas sales – though it can seem like we live in a world of permanent sales nowadays!

If you’re organised, you’re also thinking about your special Christmas meal with your family and friends.

It’s highly likely you’ll eat more than usual on Christmas Day, but it is possible to eat food that’s both healthy and delicious!

From now until Christmas, we’re offering our special Christmas Healthy Recipes eBook as a gift to you – all you need to do is sign up to receive it!!

Inside you’ll find a Healthy Christmas Day Meal Plan:

christmas healthy recipes

And some delicious food for the whole day, such as Grain Free Christmas Pud!

christmas healthy recipes
Dried fruits should be considered a treat because the dehydration process removes much of the water usually found in fresh fruit, leaving you with a high sugar content. But it’s still better to have the fructose and glucose from dried fruit than it is from table sugar. This recipe contains no grains, so the pudding is far less dense than any you’ve tried before. Flaxseed is a great alternative when trying to remove grains from your cooking. Look for flaxseed meal in the fridge section of your local health food store.

We also have a couple of delicious dipping sauces to go with your entree/starter, such as this beautiful fresh Salse Verde.

Christmas Healthy Recipes
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10 thoughts on “Christmas Healthy Recipes Free Gift

    • Hey Jenna, you can get flaxseed from most health food shops. The best thing to do is get it from the fridge section. Alternatively, you can buy whole flaxseeds or linseeds from a supermarket and grind them yourself!

  1. Just a quick question: How is this for vegetarians? So many recipes for vegetarians require you to purchase all sorts of different ingredients I am just wondering if yours is any different…

    • Hey Tanya we try to make our recipes easy so most of the ingredients are available at your supermarket, with the addition of one or two at a health food shop e.g. flaxseed meal. We have vegetarian alternatives for the entree and the main, and the dessert is vegetarian :-)

  2. After looking at the recipes on your blog and loving almost every single one of them I am so glad you decided to put them into a downloadable ebook so I can access them easier.

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