A Day In The Life Of Donna & Tora

A day in the life of Donna and Tora

A week or so ago, we asked our Facebook posse if they would like to know what we usually eat each day. We were overwhelmed with a resounding “yes”, so we decided to do A Day In the Life Of Donna & Tora.

Rather than just show you a bunch of photos, we’ve gone one step further and did a video of the whole day! What we did was get all our lights and camera gear and set it up in the kitchen, turning the camera on and off each time we had a meal or a snack. After a lot of editing, we think we’ve got the best bits – both showing you what we eat, as well as a few tips and strategies that we use each day.

Watch the video here on a typical (eating) day in the life of Donna and Tora. 

It was a lot of fun making this video! Even though this really is a typical day of eating for us, because we were videoing it all it felt like we were eating non-stop all day!

Easy Healthy Recipes – Quick Links

Here are the quick links to the recipes we mention in the video:

Tora’s Healthy Muesli recipe – this has become famous because so many people have lost weight just by having this for breakfast most days.

Mushroom croquettes – these are from Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook. If you buy the book and then go back to her site, you’ll also get some free cooking videos!

Raw chocolate cheesecake – this is an absolutely delicious (but so healthy!) cheesecake. You won’t believe what’s in it.

What do you think of what we eat most days? Is it what you expected? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Donna & Tora

  1. Thank you that was really helpful:-) I see I’m on the right track I just eat too much fruit and nuts. Since I’m about your height I should probably eat more like you do:–) / Christina, Denmark

  2. I loved all the wonderful color of your veggies, at every meal! No wonder you’re both so healthy! Thanks for sharing :-)

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