We help health-conscious women transform their lives so they can feel body confident, upgrade their health and have the courage to be their best.

We're Donna and Tora, Body Confidence Coaches and authors of I Want What She's Having, Now! We are creators of Body Confidence Breakthrough, the only online program that addresses weight control, health and self-care from three dimensions: your mindset, metabolism and motivation.

We have overcome our own body confidence and weight struggles: Donna used to be 30kg/70lb overweight and Tora weighed just 81lb/37kg with an eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa. In the past, we have both turned to food as an answer to a deeper problem, sacrificed our health for weight loss and used the bathroom scales as a measuring stick for our self-worth. You can read our stories here.

Nowadays we teach health-conscious women how to feel body confident, upgrade their health and have the courage to be their best.

We believe that everyone can feel body confident and our commitment is to show you how. We do this through:

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Thank you to all of our clients and to you for helping us share our knowledge and support each other to have body confidence.